‘Yes, I live in Canada’: Photo of Ontario pizza delivery man’s vehicle goes viral

A photo of a pizza delivery man’s unconventional vehicle has gone viral after the customer shared it online in what he described as a “quintessential” image of Canada.

Adrian Azcurra said he was surprised to see a large sport utility vehicle with a glowing Domino’s Pizza sign atop it pull onto his snow-covered street in Collingwood, Ont., located north of Toronto, on Wednesday night.

“I just ordered pizza and this tank of a vehicle rolled up,” he recalled to CTVNews.ca during a telephone interview on Thursday. “I hadn’t seen a truck like that on the road in a long time so I was like ‘I got to take a picture of this.’”

Azcurra said a friendly conversation with the vehicle’s driver revealed the truck was a 1987 Dodge Ram Charger.

“I was just kind of like ‘Hey, how is it driving this thing on the snow-covered roads? And he was like ‘It’s a beauty,’” Azcurra said.

The pizza delivery man allowed Azcurra to snap a photo of the truck as it sat parked on the snowy street.

Not long after the pizza delivery man left, Azcurra said he was sitting at home looking at the photo and he decided to share it online on the social network Reddit.

“It was all kind of fitting,” he said. “I was like ‘You know, let me just throw this online’ because it’s kind of a quintessential image of Canada as the online community thinks Canada is all covered in snow and igloos and polar bears and all that stuff. I was kind of feeding into that by posting the picture.”

That night, Azcurra uploaded the photo along with the caption “My pizza came in this tonight. And yes, I live in Canada.”

As of Thursday afternoon, the post has already received more than 19,000 “upvotes” and more than 660 comments. Some users questioned the practicality of such a vehicle for a pizza delivery man, given the truck’s gas mileage, while others suggested the only thing that could make the scenario more Canadian was if the poster ordered Hawaiian pizza.

“I did, much to my wife’s chagrin, order Hawaiian pizza last night,” Azcurra admitted with a laugh.

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